so.. yeah, i'm not good with words but i want to make you smile. eem i just wanted to tell you that you look great today and that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. so, yeah.. i just hope this made your day.
Amo il mare, il rumore delle onde, la spiaggia.
Detesto, i quasi, i forse, i monosillabi.
Do peso alle parole.
Piango per un film, per un finale di un libro, per le persone che vanno via.
Ho l'incazzatura abbastanza facile, ma mi basta una piccola parola per farmela passare, non riesco a tenere il muso alle persone a cui tengo.
Credo sempre che l'ultimo tentativo sia il penultimo, e credo che le cose belle non si ottengono se non si lotta.
Sono per le cose complicate, ma non resisto a lungo.
Non so dire addio.
So solo che resto, resto se credo in qualcosa.

[E. J. Shanti]


wow the video diaries have changed so much

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One Direction: “Georgia Rose”

One Direction: “Veronica”

One Direction: “Diana”

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twitter: overprotective and strict mum
tumblr: cool laid back dad
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when people try to tell you basic facts about 1d and you can’t reveal that you’re 1d af so ur just like


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"Steal My Girl" - Official Lyrics


Steal My Girl - One Direction

Goddammit Niall
What the fuck
Why did you steal my girl
I can’t believe this

I thought we were homies
But then you just came and stole my girl
While she and I were at it
Niall how the fuck did you even do that


Don’t steal my girl
Just don’t fucking do…

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hey can you please…”


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Anonimo asked: Something I'm too afraid to say off anon: sometimes i feel like this fandom over sexualizes the girls too much :/ like yeah a lot of focus is put on their talent, but the way some people go on and on about their bodies in such descriptive ways just makes me :/ and girls who identify as straight who say 'lm make me wanna be a lesbian!11!' is wrong; being gay isn't a phase or a fad. and it just feels like so many focus on how they look (and what they wanna do to them sexually) then who they are


Beeb:/ honestly I had never thought about this bc I always see ppl praising their talent/personalities much more than their bodies. I think this fandom just really appreciates beautiful women and little mix are four extremely beautiful talented women & personally, as rn in my life I consider myself straight but who knows if I ever fall for a girl? U never know whats gonna happen in the future or who u are gonna fall in love with. I’m barely 19 years old so I’m not gonna be like ‘I’m NEVER gonna date a girl’ bc in reality (we learned this in women studies class) nobody is 100% straight. So (personally) whenever I say I would turn lesbian for little mix…I mean it.

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